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 'I received a beautiful Indian Head massage from Shaheen. I had been feeling quite stressed-out and exhausted after too many late nights working at my computer. Shaheen worked on my head and neck with a firm but sensitive touch - it felt so good! My arms and hands were tingling as the built-up tension in my neck and shoulders was released. At the end of the session, Shaheen did some energy work around my head and I felt the energy clearing and dipped into an even deeper state of relaxation. She also did some postural correction on me and gave me some lifestyle advice.

Highly recommended!'   Sidika Petterson   S.P Marketing Consultant 

'I took beginner meditation classes with Shaheen for about a year and I found her very knowledgeable and reassuring. I was a complete beginner at the time and quite nervous about what the group would entail. She was open to questions and encouraged us to trust our own process. I've since made meditation a regular part of my life and have seen improvements in my concentration, my happiness, and my general self-awareness....'

Alexia Wdowski

'I've slept super well the last two nights!'  Katy Malloy

'Shaheen's classes have been a little sanctuary point of rest and sanity each week, leaving me feeling recharged and able to carry the space and peace of the meditation sessions into other parts of my life. She has an instinctive ability to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and valued. Facilitating deep work but in a lovely down-to-earth way.  Highly recommended.'   Katherine Dixon

'I had a set of extended Reiki sessions with Shaheen. It was both enjoyable, productive and energising-it even helped me get to a palce where I could give up smoking-I found it amongst the best Reiki I have experienced.'  Rag

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