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Release   Relax   Rejuvenate


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  




I invite you to release unwanted stresses in a securely supportive & relaxing environment. Being skilled in palpating (examining by touch) the muscular and subtle energy systems' condition, I apply the appropriate treatment to promote harmony throughout the mind-emotion-body system. The collaborated exchange between myself and another is very much about enabling, guiding and re-connecting to our body-mind's integral intelligence to encourage self healing.

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I began my journey with complementary therapies in London, 1996. Where I gained my main therapy qualifications and various working experiences across the busy city.  A priceless experience of learning and growing into supporting people's wellbeing.

My personal ongoing meditation practice was developed over twenty years, having studied within the Western, Hindu and Buddhist methods of yoga. Initially I taught myself through literature and disciplined sitting, my interest & enthusiasm led me to pursue self-practice with asana, breath work and meditation, having studied in London, Bristol & India. Later  on I studied intense Yoga Immersion & Advanced Teacher Training Courses  in Bristol. During this time I also lived & studied in a Buddhist center where I practiced their methods for two years and was initiated/empowered into Mahamudra Tantra meditation by their Geshe,

a Tibetan Buddhist Master.


This massage therapy uses essential plant oils for their therapeutic properties. Once mixed into base oils this is applied onto the skin. The pure oil can also be infused in burners. The oils have a base, medium and top note and are mixed according to the individuals needs. They powerfully work with our sense of smell, the olfactory part of the sensory system which has strong associations with memories. 

These treatments can create 

- relaxation or invigoration 

- reduction in stress, tension and anxiety

- boosts in immunity

- healthy skin by soothing, healing and replenishing 

- emotional well being

Usui Reiki

Reiki is a subtle energy healing treatment. The client is fully clothed and comfortably lying during this treatment wherein subtle energy is applied on and around the body. Predominately at subtle energy points, ‘chakras’ within the human holographic ‘field'


  • eases mental/ emotional stresses

  • balances emotions

  • can provide pain relief

  • deep relaxation, calming

  • can address issues at root level

  • harmonises chakras and 'auric field'

Theraputic Bodywork

Dynamic or relaxing, intuitive & therapeutic.

Massage is practiced using classic to deep tissue techniques, pressure points, light breath work and light stretches. A light base oil is used on the skin. The myofascial release is specefic to body alinement adjustments.

The treatments are practised semi-clothed with

a drape covering.

Through skilled palpitation appropriate techniques are utilised to:

• release accumulated stress & toxins

• relax & ease the muscular system

• assist mild muscular and skeletal alinement 

• boost the circulatory & lymphatic system

• relax the nervous system

• restore harmony to the whole being

  encourages restful sleep

Yoga & Guided Meditation

Gentle stretches & body relaxation followed by sitting with awareness. This is a guided meditation primarily focused on following the breath and observing the fluctuations of the mind. I talk through the sitting period, guiding awarness back to the breath and relaxing the mind-body. This class is secular with no affiliations to any traditions. It is open to all levels of practise.



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the therapies, bookings, anything else relevant or to say hello!

I look forward to meeting you and supporting your wellbeing.


Yogasara & Bristol Therapy Rooms  10-12 Picton St,

Montpelier, Bristol  BS6 5QA

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Cancellation fees apply for the therapy session bookings. If therapies are cancelled within 24 hrs there is a £20 fee to pay, which covers rental fees and loss of booking slot.  MoveGB bookings also incur a cancellation fee.

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